Italianchips tests quick and easy recipes

Yes, it looks strange, I know. You clicked on a recipe and find yourself here. Where are Italianchip’s easy recipes?

But I assure you’re in the right place. I am Ana, the author of Italianchips blog, the one you’re looking for. I continue to love and test easy recipes and publish the ones that are worth it, the ones I feel comfortable to suggest you because I have already tried it.


For a strange mix of coincidences the blog had its archives corrupted and I couldn’t save its configuration. And, yes, another coincidence, I forgot to copy the backups from my computer before having it formatted… Now I am slowly adding all the recipes to this new blog. Fortunately I could save most of the material I had online, so I don’t have to rewrite everything :-O!

I hope you’ll be patient or, better, if you’re so kind to drop me a line to anamariacosta @ asking me the recipe you’re looking for so I’ll add it as the next of the list. Otherwise, please subscribe to this blog (on your left, just below my bio photo) and I will update you when new recipes are posted.

Scrolling down you can see the recipes I have already published again.

Thank you for coming :-)